Saturday, August 23, 2008

Championship T-Shirts

Join your fellow fans who have already ordered their U.S. Women's National Team official Champions T-Shirt at


paparazzi_mama said...

w00t! I've got mine ordered! And I'll be wearing it with MUCH pride!!!!

Katie said...

i ordered mine! thank god for Soccer Fanatic-great pre sale!!! i agree that i'll be wearing it with pride! GO WNT!

Kelly said...

I'm so getting one

I just wish it said Women's National Team on it

chris said...

I want one, but it needs to say "WOMEN'S Nation Team" on the logo.

Gregory Smith said...

How come there is no mention of Women's Team?

No mention of Olympics?

Why is Beijing the biggest font?

I want one but I think you could've done a better design job.