Monday, August 18, 2008

On to the Final...

In many ways, it has been a magical tournament for the USA. After giving up two goals in the first four minutes of the first match, the U.S. women have come all the way back to make the gold medal game. If that isn't a story about Olympic spirit, we don't know what is. And then tonight, after going down a goal in the first half, the U.S. team roared back with four scores before cruising to the 4-2 victory over Japan. And have you ever seen a goal in a women's match better than Lori Chalupny's strike that put the USA up for good? We think not. Thanks to all the fans who watched back home and have been supporting the team through the first five matches. A monster challenge looms in the gold medal game against Brazil, but for sure the U.S. team will be ready. Tomorrow is a day off from training as the team will do some recovery in the Olympic Village and then the final practice of the Olympics will take place on Aug. 20. With a crowd of over 50,000 tonight, you can be sure the Beijing Workers Stadium will be packed for the gold medal game. Speaking of packed...The Brazil-Argentina men's game is tomorrow at that stadium. The WNT Blog will try to catch up with the players tomorrow for some updates, but we might take in Ronaldinho vs. Messi as well.


Kylie said...

All the times I've defended this team from people after the last WWC has finally paid off. So many people thought that you guys would be lucky to get the bronze medal, but your real fans knew that you guys would make it to the final!!
This game is about redemption; use it to prove that you guys are number 1 for a reason!!
I'm psyched because I'll actually be able to watch the entire game because I don't have an early morning conditioning session on Thursday!! This couldn't have worked out better-GO OOSA!!

Finlands finest said...

Amazing game ladies! You make us proud!

Krista said...

The last two goals were so sick! Makin' it look easy girls. Just one more game and y'all will have a nice piece of gold. :) Good luck and keep fighting. :)

drenaud said...

So many things to love about this game.

- The way we came back from a goal down and went up by one at half. Champions find a way to win.

- Chalups goal. It makes the top of my highlight reel.

- The way we controlled the middle third for the last part of the first half and most of the second half. This was our best team performance of the tournament.

- Pia. She figures out a way to get just about everyone in the attack, and it works.

- Ang's second goal. Even though she may have been crossing the ball, she curved it into the frame, forcing the goalkeeper to make a play.

- Solo. That save in the first half was huge. If Japan had gone up by two, we would have been in a big hole. I don't fault her for giving up two, as Japan was playing pass in our goalbox both times.

The last consolation goal in stoppage was more about us being pooped and Japan being desperate. Three days ago we played 120 minutes of soccer over a 4 hour period in 90+ degree heat and pouring rain, then traveled from Shanghai to Beijing and resettled. Getting defenders in the attack means they sprint up and down the pitch for 90 minutes. Must be tiring.

The US WNT has shown that they deserve to be the number one team in the world. We are a multi-dimensional team, and therefore, hard to defend. Win or lose against Brazil, I am very proud of these women.

The main thing for us now is serious rest and recovery. Break out the chow, liquids, and massage tables.

p.s. If I had a nickle for every soccer pundit that wrote us off, I could probably get a latte. Eat it, Martin Rogers.

Zar000000 said...

That game was really something to watch, it really was awesome

Ladies be ready for Thursday and don't give them an inch, be on them every minute.

...and thanks again WNT Blogger for the updates, pass that along to Matchtracker too if ya don't mind

M said...

I have missed the live games, but am keeping up to date here....way to go Ladies!!! Wow, you are kicking ass and lovin' it....way to show the world who you ARE!!!

Thanks for making us so proud,

Molly from Washington

Jim#10 said...

I Love Brandi….The Soccer player….The Announcer not so much…

Watching a game that she is announcing is much like trying to watch a movie with the directors commentary turn on it is impossible to sit back and enjoy the game with all the chattering. She would be much better, if she would figure out that just maybe we understand the game well enough not to want to hear her constant couching.. I’m just saying… Go Team USA.

Tom said...

Chalupny's goal was Messi-esque! What a touch on the ball she has. This team is so exciting to watch as those defenders make deep runs. Best wishes Wednesday...I can't imagine a better time to get a chance to avenge last year's Cup loss to Brazil. Go USA!

Soccerblogger31 said...

I just wanted to say that u girls do so great and u dont stop doing great!
And keep it up cause we all know that that gold is all yours!

P.S. That game was Amazing:)

anna4italia said...

You girls played pretty SWEET this morning ;) We all know you can do this. Take it to Brazil. Go USA!!

MARDELLE said...


Way to go Ladies..!! AWESOME, BRAVO..!! 1 more game and and you will bring home GOLD ...!! USA USA USA USA..!!


Zar000000 said...

If no one has seenit before, I wanted to point out that at :

Lindsey Dolich writes some intersting pieces about the WNT, click on the USSOCCER Home Page and you can usually find something she wrote, she follows up on each game.


KNU50 said...

Team USA,
Congratulations. 6:00am for us in the West, no worries, we will be there again on Thursday. We all know what the Brazil game means. The win is within you.

Kelly said...

That game was awesome!! Way to go. You make us proud!! Keep it up. I know you can do it.

P.S. Solo you get to play Brazil this time (like you should have last time)

Smitty said...

Ronaldinho vs. Messi? Yawn...

Does not compare to Chalupny vs. Daniella.

Katie said...

AMAZING game!! it was so exciting! i can't wait to see the finals!I'm so happyfor this entire team and it shows you can still be strong after so many setbacks!
GO USA! San Diego is behind you all the way!

Zar000000 said...

Lori Chalupny
Had the ball & ran with it
Poor Fukumoto

Damery World said...

I am afraid the Japanese team just missed on at least 3 easy goals. 2 of them early in the game and that would have changed things right away.
The girls are going to need to mark up better to get the gold! I know they have the talent and spirit.
Very sad about Abbey!
God speed in getting better.
I am watching! Always a FAN!

turnitblue said...

Congrats! I was definitely cheering hard.

lucasmanukas said...

Great game!!! Good luck in the final from Rochester NY!! :)