Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Talking USA-Brazil

Shannon Boxx, Angela Hucles and Lori Chalupny did a press conference at the Main Press Center today to preview the Olympic gold medal game. The media interest since the team arrived in Beijing has been pretty good, especially considering everything going on here and how many different events all the journalists have to cover. The trio answered questions on a wide range of topics and you can read a few of their answers ussoccer.com, as well as a few more quotes from their teammates. Sidenote: They have some nice plants at the MPC.


m said...

You girls are amazing. Congratulations on a medal...now, the big one! We all know Brazil can be beaten, go out and do it ladies! You've already made us proud, now make us go crazy mad happy!
Mark & Irene on Long Island
Woo woo woo!

SML said...

Because I have a picture in my head of Chalupa from "The Man Watching," Tim Crother's book about UNC, I find it comical that she was answering questions at a news conference.

To paraphrase from the book:

"Shall we dream a little?" [Dorrance]
"Ok." [Chalupny]
"... What do you think?" [Dorrance]
"Ok." [Chalupny]
"Here's what you need to do..." [Dorrance]
"Ok." [Chalupny]
"You're pretty low-maintenance, huh?" [Dorrance]
"Yup." [Chalupny]

Awesome that she is getting some face time, since her work rate is so wonderful and she seems to not share the spot-light (by choice).

wntfan84 said...

Soooo excited to watch you all!!!

kazza said...

run at brazil,make them argue with each other and they fall apart.
good luck tomorrow ill be cheering you on from rainy scotland.one word...BELIEVE.