Friday, August 22, 2008

First Look: U.S. Women Capture Gold

Following Thursday's Gold-Medal match against Brazil, caught up with the players as they began their celebration. It was a busy evening for the players as a media frenzy erupted but as always, we have got something great in store for you, our fans. Here's what our champions had to say following the match, and stay tuned for more celebration footage coming soon!


#18 Romano28 said...

very nice job ladies!
Congratulations from a WNT fan in Holland!

Zar000000 said...

Wow!... is all I can keep saying,

Our family has watched the game twice now, I think I'm going to break out the DVD burner and make a copy for keeps,

Katie Dixon said...

Gah, I love it! How cute are they all singing together on the bus?! So happy for each and every one of them :D

Looking forward to more celebration videos and pictures! Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's going on in Beijing.

Mike said...

Congratulations! This is an amazing team like I always say. Hope Solo did a great job in the final game. I got up so early in the morning to see all of the games. Time for some sleep here! Enjoy the gold!

Impedient said...

Kai as crazy as usual!

I'll never forget her crazy dancing mimicking of the dancing KOWWWW!!

Zar000000 said...

I am so in Awe of our US WNT, the players, Pia the Coaching staff , this has been a truly super year despite all the downfalls and injuries, everyone has done so much and come together to define the word TEAM so well.

Byt the way the reason i stopped by to post is that is you haven't seen it, CNN Sports sections has some super pics of the Aug 21 events, of which was the Ladies Gold medal Victory !

Upon previewing this post it's not going to show you the whole lint to copy and paste, the end of the link reads


KNU50 said...

Since this is an Olympic win, and the Olympics are all about the spirit of competition how about calling the tour "Espiritu de Campeonas" (Spirit of Champions).

Well done ladies. You are all an inspiration to our college team.


heworkshardforthemoney said...

it waas a pleasure to watch this game. alll 120 minutes. hope solo looked so.....good?