Sunday, August 17, 2008

Training as Normal

The U.S. team trained for an hour this morning at Beijing Normal University, home base for the USOC during the Olympics, and something amazing happened. It wasn't hot. For the first time since the USA arrived in China, you didn't break out into a sweat the second you stepped out of an air conditioned building. In fact, it was beautiful out. Still a little humid, yes, but not nearly what it has been. The air is clear, you could see the mountains in the distance and the was a cool breeze blowing. It was definitely a nice change of pace after the sweltering temperatures the team had endured so far. The team had a nice lunch at BNU and headed back to the Olympic Village, where they are sharing a building with the Japanese Women's Team, among other athletes. During the WNT Blog's brief time in the Village today, we saw the Japanese players running after the Brazilian men's players to take some pics. The U.S. players would never do that, right? (Whoops, they already did in Shenyang).

Heather O'Reilly is congratulated by teammate Heather Mitts after Heather O smacked the woodwork with her shot from the top of the box at the end of training, giving the Heathers the title in the game of crossbar.

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Soccerblogger31 said...

u girls rock!!!!!! :)