Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Room Recap

While sitting in the MPC Green Room before going to do their team press conference, the players could have easily fell asleep in the comfortable couches and sofa chairs, but despite the lack of sleep they were still pretty wide awake and the topic of discussion was on different moments in the game last night. Players kept bringing up situations or plays that occurred and giving their synopsis or view of what happened, all with a smile on their face. Remember the Brazil free kick that went just wide left of the goal?? Well, Kate Markgraf and Hope Solo do, too, as they chatted about the close call. Remember Lloyd's shot off the woodwork that almost sealed the game? A number of players did, knowing that would have sealed it and lessened the final stressful minutes. Remember Solo's huge reaction save against Marta in the second half? (Ahhh...yeah?) No player could forget, but Solo herself was almost at a loss to explain, stating it happened so quickly it's almost hard to remember. Remember or was unbelievable. Pretty interesting to hear the breakdown to say the least.

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