Sunday, August 17, 2008

China Has Gone Big

The flags of every nation at the Olympics fly at the Athlete's Village
You've heard the saying "Go Big, or Go Home"? Well, for the 2008 Olympics, China has gone Big as the world has come to their home. The Olympic Green, which encompasses the Bird's Nest, the Water Cube, the International Broadcast Center, the Main Press Center and numerous other fun and massive stuff, is simply fantastic. The Chinese have done a wonderful job with infrastructure and the mood on the Green is one of friendship, festivity and fun. Suffice it to say, the Chinese are really enjoying their Olympics and everyone you meet goes out of the way to help and answer your questions. The Olympic Village is beautifully landscaped and peaceful, and with the high rise dorms/apartments pretty close together, it definitely creates a feeling of community amongst the athletes.

The now iconic Bird's Nest with the Olympic Torch burning in the background

Adjacent to the Olympic Green, massive televisions have been placed on numerous tall buildings and images of Chinese champions were running continuously

'Nuff said.


Krista said...

Dang those pictures are cool. Can I join y'all next time? I'll carry bags or whatever! Haha :)

Hope the girls are having fun. Thanks for all the posts. :)

Zar000000 said...

Soccer aside...

"One World, One Dream"
a bit ironic considering the local....

oh yeah back to soccer,

Kick butt US WNT, Be Strong Every Single Second! We'll be watching the Japan game live from NC, we're so proud of all of you.