Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Morning USA!

Well done ladies! Everyone was bright-eyed and alert for the press conference (sort of).

Well, it was either a long night or a short morning for the gold medal champions, depending on how you look at things, but no one got much sleep. An informal poll showed that no single player got more than two hours of shut-eye and several never laid their head on a pillow. How good did that McDonald's Egg McMuffin taste this morning? Heather O'Reilly get on her bike was on a mission to get one before the team left the Olympic Village for the press conference. Despite the lack of sleep, the team was troopers and gathered at 9:15 a.m. to head over to a press conference at the MPC where they did about 45 minutes of "gold medal debrief" media before heading back to the Olympic Village for naps. Of course, the Today Show is tonight so no rest for the weary...or those with gold around their necks.

When you win a gold medal, you pose for a lot of pictures.

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