Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gotta Go ... and Celebrate

Who does everyone in the media want to talk to after a gold medal-winning 1-0 victory?? The goal scorer of course!

Slight problem ... Carli Lloyd was one of the two players chosen at random for drug testing. So as the media patiently waited, Carli pounded water to help speed up the "sample." Tick-tock, tick-tock. As 20 minutes turned to an hour, then another hour (she was dehydrated people! 120 minutes will do that), the rest of the team went through the mix zone, got on the bus and started the celebration at the USA House.

Since she was waiting anyway and knew nature wasn't calling anytime soon, Carli was able to quickly jump in the mix zone to talk to reporters (read what she said). On her way back, she was bombarded for photos by volunteers, stopping almost every few feet - the goal scorer is always the hot pic! After getting back to the drug testing area it was about 30 minutes later (for a total of almost three hours after the game!) and Carli finally got out of there. A quick shower and she was able to join her teammates, walking in to the celebration to loud cheers from friends and family!


flowers said...

Ah!! Theres a reason why Carli is one of my favorite players!

superfan said...

Please let us celebrate with the team!! Can you tell us when is the team coming back? There are a few of as on the San Francisco Area ready to go to the airport and received the Olympians!!