Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympics Winds Down

A few players at the Bird's Nest before Argentina defeated Nigeria, 1-0, to win the men's soccer gold medal.

Yesterday was the first day off for the U.S. players in weeks. What did they do? Well, lots of sleep. But after that, the players did a lot of shopping, went to Olympic events (a good representation of soccer players at the men's soccer final and the women's volleyball and basketball gold medal games) and of course the requisite end of the Olympics celebration parties. Today, a bunch of the players got tickets to the men's basketball and men's water polo gold medal games. How fun is the Olympics, especially after you've won a gold medal? SO FUN. Tonight is the Closing Ceremonies and all the players will be marching, so watch closely on NBC to see if you can see your favorite women's soccer players. Tomorrow morning, finally, the USA will head back to the States for a few weeks off before beginning its post-Olympic tour on Sept. 13 in Philadelphia against Ireland. The USA will also play the Irish on Sept. 17 at Giants Stadium in New Jersey and on Sept. 20 at Toyota Park outside of Chicago. The remaining seven matches have yet to be confirmed, but of course all the info will be up on as soon as it's available. We'll see you at the games!


superfan said...

please do a match on the bay area!! last time I flew to San Diego but I would love to have the team on my area.

Also, when is team coming down? we want to go to the airport and welcome them.

Thanks for a fabulous effort and a precious gold medal.

MARDELLE said...

Enjoy every last minute you deserve a big break..!! I'm sure the closing ceromony will be awesome to see glad your staying to see it.

Safe travel back home and job well done ladies USA,USA,USA #1..GOLD 2008 OLYMPICS. :)

alondra said...

omg! shut up!
they have 7 matches left!!! yay!!! I really hope they play at the HDC!!

orangeruelas said...

YOU GUYS ROCK, CONGRATS!!!! You make your country proud!

Krista said...

I saw Kai! I noticed a tattoo'd arm and had a feeling it was her and then I saw that beautiful gold medal. :)

Congrats again girls. Sad its over but what a ride. :)

paparazzi_mama said...

I only saw Kai in the closing...she looked like she was having a rockin' time. LOL! Safe and relaxing trip home. Hope to see you all soon!