Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That's Some Good Eatin'

One of the best things about the Olympics is the dining hall. But this ain't no college dining hall. If thought Odin's Valhalla was big, take a trip to the Olympics. The diner hall is one of the favorite places for the athletes as people from all over the world mingle and eat together, almost all wearing the colors of the country. Let's just say the physiques walking by at any given moment make you want to hit the gym. The variety, amount and high quality of the food is mind-boggling and the only complaint of the players is deciding what to eat! And did we mention the free McDonald's? "Yes, I'll have nine Big Macs please, to go." (Man, we really need to hit the gym). The massive undertaking to get a food service operation like up and running for the entire Olympics is mind-boggling, but the Chinese have done a fantastic job. The dining hall measures 19,000 square meters and has 5,000 seats, with five different zones, serving everything from European to Asian food. It is open around the clock and we are told it serves three tons of rice each day! You of course can get the Beijing specialty Peking Duck there. We caught up with Steph Cox and Rachel Buehler as they chose their lunch selections. Looks like Rachel was starting with a bagel.

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