Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gym Time

There was no training on the field today for the U.S. team, but the players did do a regen workout at the gym in the Olympic Village. You can't tell from this pic, but the place was full of athletes working out, including a taekwondo guy who somehow (years of training of course) could swing his leg above his head with enough force against padded gloves his coach was holding that it made a loud "THWACK" that could be heard throughout the gym. That dude connects in his match and it's lights out. The players only did a light workout as today was about rest and relaxation. A few players did do some interviews in the International Zone for NBC for the broadcast on Thursday, but then most headed out to see friends and family or do a little shopping. Tomorrow, the team will hold an hour training at midday and then it will be all about mentally preparing for the gold medal match.

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