Monday, August 18, 2008

USA-JPN: Lineups Are In

The U.S. suits up the same side that started in the quarterfinal vs. Japan. The only change from the USA's 1-0 win vs. Japan in the group stage is the addition of Lori Chalupny, who missed the game due to injury.

USA: 1-Hope Solo; 17-Lori Chalupny, 15-Kate Markgraf, 2-Heather Mitts, 3-Christie Rampone-Capt.; 7-Shannon Boxx, 11-Carli Lloyd, 9-Heather O’Reilly, 5-Lindsay Tarpley; 16-Angela Hucles, 8-Amy Rodriguez

Japan also makes just one change from their lineup vs. the U.S. on Aug. 9. In midfield Kyoko Yano comes on in favor of Miyuki Yanagita.

JPN: 1-Miho Fukumoto; 2-Yukari Kinga, 3-Hiromi Ikeda, 4-Azusa Iwashimizu, 7-Kozue Ando; 14-Kyoko Yano, 8-Aya Miyama, 10-Homare Sawa, 15-Mizuho Sakaguchi, 11-Shinobu Ohno, 17-Yuki Nagasato.

Follow the score, stats and commentary live via MatchTracker. Post your in-game comments here.


moreno said...

AHHH i'm so excited! this is my first live beijing olympic women soccer match ...they (tv people) finally broadcasted one!
WOOHOO lets go team USA!!!
oh i hope they play Kai :S

Zar000000 said...

It's half time this is SOOOO exciting, Angela and the Ginger Princess just took care of business.

Lets see some more ladies!

Allie said...

Oh was so good to see that second insurance goal from HAO. What a great start to my day!

Mr.R.P. said...

Fukumoto had a bad day... 3+4 should not have gone in. No offense to the US team.

kazza said...

what a great gutsy performance.
sitting here in rainy scotland cheering the girls on.
go out there on thursday and reach your dreams.

Smitty said...

Way to battle Girls! Now, this will be the dream matchup. Remember, the ultimate payback to Brazil is to be standing atop the podium after the match. That's the only thing that matters. Time to write your own chapter in the History of the USWNT!

wntfan84 said...

So proud here in the u-12 girls say hello and that you are amazing! Thanks for all your blood, sweat and tears to help show our girls what is possible!!!

Impedient said...

Love those goals, awesome and the team definitely bounced back well after the equalizer. The best was Ang's goal after 3 minutes from O'reilly's goal!

Great play and we're not one step away from the gold medal! Another WWC final and Olympics 2004 repeat, eh?


Zar000000 said...

Yo I know it's easy to sit back and second guess a call, but I think the official was a little out of line with the yellow cards isn't she the same one that tossed Shannon Boxx on 'that' red card call against Brazil last year?

Boxx played super today btw as did everyone,

Congrats to all on a super game,
Everyone rest up and be ready for Thursday.

Gurpal Dosanjh said...

Congrats on the win ladies--you done us proud! Now for that rematch against Brazil.

yvonnet11 said...

The US WNT is more than amazing, losing lilly, cat, leslie and abby!
They overcame all of that in extraordinary fashion which shows why you can never doubt this team.
This Americans win with heart and skill, while playing with class. Is it just me or do a few Brazilian women tend to play a little dirty?

Ruby said...

What a great game! I wasn't too happy about the last goal that went in by Japan (you could tell Solo wasn't happy either), but I can't believe how well Hucles played! I was waiting for a hat-trick from her.

It wasn't really Fukumoto's day today! The fact that she's a short goalkeeper isn't really an advantage either.

I absolutely loved Lori Chalupny's goal. It was very reminiscent of goals scored by Mia Hamm!

One more game to go!! I'm super excited!

Go USA!!!!

Soccerblogger31 said...

Its great to see the best of the best doing the best.

Zar000000 said...


I've always thought so too, but I hear those in US Soccer and others describe them as "very physical" as if it is an accepted style of playing, while I will say I think the US WNT exhibits a better quality of sportsman(women) ship.... Like they way they play out the bal when someone on the other team is hurt...